Tribal Tattoo Meanings

Tribal Tattoo Meanings

Tribal Tattoo Meanings

Authentic Tribal Tattoo Meanings: Don’t Get Duped

Tattoos or more precisely tribal tattoos have been in existence forever, perhaps from the dawn of humanity itself. Today, no less than a quarter of the population of the world has at the very least one tribal tattoo but how many of those people actually know the authentic meaning of what they flaunt on their bodies? Not many I bet. Tribal tattoo meanings are important considerations when you get a tribal design made on your skin. Unless you have the means to get rid of the whole thing at a later date, the tribal tattoo is something that will stay with you forever and if you don’t get the tribal tattoo meanings right, what was supposed to embellish your skin will actually taint it forever.

For starters, there is something you should probably acknowledge. Tribal tattoos were about so much more than just appearing cool to the opposite sex. The tribal tattoo meanings had something of a sacred significance.

A ritual to belong

Year ago and we are not talking about the last decade but rather hundreds of years ago, tribal tattoos were made on both sexes as a means to belong. So if someone was part of a clan or even a tribe, he would be marked as such and that would serve as his identity more than anything else. Such tribal tattoo meanings still persist in the contemporary world where perhaps more than ever, people feel the need to belong.

A commitment between two souls

In the Bronze Age or the even the eras that came afterward, there was no such thing as wedding bands. People committed to each other would get a marriage tattoo as a sort of testimony to show their love and promise to each other. These days, getting tribal tattoos such as hearts interlaced or even initials carry the same tribal tattoo meanings as above, albeit a lot more beautifully. Unless you really intend to make it to the end with your partner, such bold declarations of love are not really advisable.

Afterlife considerations

Tribal tattoo meanings often span far more mystical boundaries than just a form of identification or even a promise of commitment. Some tribal tattoos carry re-incarnation significance whereby the tribal tattoo would be some sort of help to meet with your mates or do great things in your next birth.


Tribal tattoos are also known to have been popular as a form of ritual to initiate someone into adulthood. These days, things are no different. Many people decide to get a tattoo to mark their eighteenth birthday or the twenty-first for that matter. Used as a sort of milestone, tribal tattoo meanings, as you can see for yourself, have not changed much.

Looking for a tattoo design which will perfectly fit you? Why not try something new. Instead of the plain old animal, butterfly or name designs, why won’t you try out the tribal tattoos? These tribal tattoos have long been present in the world’s culture and history, being used by people in the early days.

The tribal tattoos that we have today are merely extensions of the early civilizations’ colorful history. Being an art form, these tattoos are considered to be more than just a simple body decoration. These are used to clearly put a distinction into a specific tribe, indicating which part of social class a tribe member belongs. A tattoo design can also help the tribe to easily identify their members as well as their enemies. It is also used among people as a way of adhering to their set of customs and traditions. It can also signify a form of ritual which some people use to signify an achievement or when finally reaching puberty etc.

Tribal tattoos come in different designs which are very interesting to look at. Seeing one makes us wonder how this design was formulated and the meaning behind it. If you would like to be tattooed with such design, it would help if you do some research first before finally deciding to get one. Searching designs on the internet as well as their corresponding meanings will help you know more about a design’s background and what it stands for. Of course, it would be nice to know your tattoo’s significance because it makes it more interesting especially when other people notice and ask you about it. It would be quite embarrassing if you don’t have any idea on it right?

Nowadays, tribal tattoos are not just for sailors, bikers or gangsters that you often see on the streets. These tattoos have become a form of self-expression and a way of letting people know about your artistic side. Moreover, most people nowadays get tattoos to symbolize a significant aspect in their life and as their way of forever remembering it.

Which ever tribal tattoos you prefer to get, an important thing to remember is to get it from a trusted tattoo shop. Do a little background check about the shop and try to be aware of the things they use when tattooing such as the needles. Ensure that these are properly sterilized and all their equipment is clean in order to avoid getting infections.

tribal tattoo meanings written by John Peters.

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