Pirate Camps Fortnite

Northwest of lazy lagoon. Fortnite pirate camps are dotted around the map and should be easy to spot thanks to their piratical aesthetic think black flags with the jolly roger symbol on it fort like buildings made of.

Fortnite Week 1 Challenges Visit 7 Pirate Camps Season 8

Northwest of paradise palms.

Pirate camps fortnite. Finding pirate camps is one of fortnites many weekly challenges as is the task of dealing damage with pirate cannons. Season 8 in fortnite battle royale begins and it brings a massive treasure hunt including hunting down seven unique pirate camps on the video games map. West of dusty divot.

Fortnite pirate camp map locations there are seven pirate camps on the map which look like normal structures that have been build on top of. South of salty springs. Fortnite pirate camp locations.

Fortnite pirate camp locations map three of the camps are in the older region of the map one is the snow biome one in the desert biome one in the jungle and one on the edge of the jungle and. Southwest of tilted towers. Just south of the volcano.

The key thing to look out for are the pirate flags.

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