Fortnite Season 8 Loading Screen 6 Banner

With the arrival of the fortnite week 8 challenges in season 6 comes another opportunity to get yourself a shiny new banner. Week 6 season 8 loading screen location reveal fortnite fans can now complete the new week 6 season 8 challenges and unlock the secret banner location and loading screen.

Fortnite Season 6 Week 6 Free Banner Icon Location Fortnite Ops

The placement of these battle stars and banners are usually found within the loading screen for each particular week.

Fortnite season 8 loading screen 6 banner. Every season has them and they always lead to something interesting like the evolving prisoner skin that was directly tied to the big seasonal finale earlier in 2019. Fortnite find the secret banner in loading screen 4 duration. The new fortnite week 6 challenges are now live giving battle pass owners the chance to unlock the special secret banner location and loading screen bonuses.

Having done all these tasks you will find a new loading screen available to you in fortnite battle royale. In fact tomato temple is where this hidden banner can be found. Upon completing all of the week 6 challenges in fortnite season 8 players will be able to track down the location of the week 6 secret banner.

As seen below the week 8 loading screen hides the banner in plain sight. Fortunately neither the clue for the week 8 secret banner location or. And the focal point for the secret banner location clues can be found on the big key making it easy to work out where to drop next.

Week 4 secret banner season 8 location guide. Alternatively other weekly challenges have consisted of a battle star which grants players with one very useful prize the ability to level up your battle pass by one tier. Though its not quite as great as a free tier on.

Heres where to find fortnites hidden loading screen banner in season 8 week 6. Fortnite secret banner week 6 location from loading screen season 7 the item up for grabs this week is the fortnite secret banner which can be used as a profile icon. Week 6s loading screen features hybrid trying to pull a sneaky key capture while being chased by ninjas.

Sadly this week has assigned a banner as a free collectible and after completing all of the challenges for week 6 of season 8 players may acquire the secret banner.

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