Fortnite Season 8 Loading Screen 10 Banner

Fortnite season 8 week 6 secret banner location walkthrough guide completing all of this weeks challenges will allow you to get a secret loading screen with clues for a hidden banner. The challenges for fortnite season 8 week 4 challenges were leaked and remained unchanged after the v811 update.

Secret Banner Location In Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 Prisoner Loading

Week 4 discovery loading screen.

Fortnite season 8 loading screen 10 banner. This guide will show you how to find the fortnite season 9 secret battle stars and fortbyte to earn free battle pass tiers the fortbyte from the hints found at the loading screens. The final week of fortnite season 8 week 10 is now underway which means theres one final set of objectives to take on before season 9 officially begins on may 9. From the surroundings its clear to see the banner is located on volcano that was added at the start of the season.

In this guide well recap the week 10 challenges and show how to use the latest discovery loading screen to find the. Week 10s challenges are now. It can be seen in the background on the right on the pillar but we have highlighted the banner clearly below.

Here is our map guide and location for where to find the hidden banner in fortnites season 8 week 10 loading screen. The challenges for fortnite season 8 week 4 have been leaked ahead of time thanks to twitter user fortnitegamelatthe challenges will go live tomorrow at 230 pm utc and will have three free challenges and four battle pass challenges as is the standard. Fortnite players who manage to complete all season 8 week 10 challenges can unlock a secret banner this week so heres how and where to find the secret reward.

Fortnite battle royale players unlock a hidden banner icon for finishing off every week 2 challenge and heres the exact location they need to go to find it. Completing the week 10 challenge players will get to pick a final banner before the end of season 8 by paying a little extra attention at the loading screen. Fortnite season 8 continues with a new secret banner available for week 10.

Fortnite Secret Banner Week 6 Season 8 Loading Screen Location

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