Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations

Heres how to dance in front of different birthday cakes and earn the birthday cake. All fortnite birthday cake locations.

Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations Dance In Front Of Cakes Challenge

Now heres what youve won.

Fortnite birthday cake locations. Our destination is the main town in the desert called paradise palms. They can use one of the base dance emotes that come free with fortnite battle royale or they can choose to use one of the many dances that have been added since the games release like the orange shirt kid dance. Greasy grove in front of durrr burger c7.

You havent got long left now to complete the fortnite birthday cake challenge as the event is all set to conclude on august 7 2018. Three new challenges were introduced and after completing these three challenges successfully the players get a special birthday reward item. Paradise palms north edge of town i8.

All fortnite cake locations for the fortnite birthday celebration challenge. Fortnite birthday cake paradise palms location now its time to head for the one and only time in this challenge to the new desert area in the southeast quadrant of the map. Lonely lodge car park to the west i5.

Fortnite birthday cake challenge as a part of the games first birthday celebrations the epic games introduced a set of special challenges in 510 update of the game. But the party doesnt have to stop there. Congrats you found all the fortnite cake locations.

Fortnite birthday cake locations full birthday challenges guide. As with most collectibles in fortnite these are well scattered around the map. Fortnite birthday cakes locations.

Once youve found all the fortnite bday cake locations and did a dance with em youll unlock the reward. Including the dance in front of different birthday cakes challenge and how to get the new back bling in battle royales season 5. Pleasant park behind the petrol station on the east c3.

This new desert location was added with the release of season five. Where to dance for the challenge its a celebration. Fatal fields in the centre g8.

Flush factory in parking lot e9. How to dance in front of birthday cakes in fortnite. Retail row in the centre h6.

Where to find all the birthday cake locations. Completing this challenge will award you with the happy birthday. By tamoor hussain at tamoorh and dave jewitt on august 1 2018 at 1146am pdt.

The fortnite birthday cake locations is a bonus set of challenges to celebrate the games first birthday. Completing it will give you additional xp to help go towards your many season 5 rewards. Fortnite is a year old and to celebrate epic games have released a new set of cosmetics for you to unlock.

Fortnite Birthday Cake S Locations Where To Dance For The Challenge

Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations 10 Tips To Find All The Hidden Cakes

Fortnite All Locations Map Dance At Different Birthday Cakes Challenge

Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations Where To Dance In Front Of

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