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dog tag tattoos On this site you will find a free picture gallery with tribal style tattoo art. These designs can be used for perminant, henna or temporary tattoos. Probably best to get temporary first and see if it's something you could live with for the rest of your life. Use a tattoo design for inspiration only, do not copy the exact tattoos pictures.

Tribal Tattoo Designs: An Introduction

Over the last decade, tribal tattoo designs have known what can only be termed as a powerful and overwhelming revival. Emerging from the darkness that was once associated with the art of tribal tattoos, tribal tattoo designs are today popular across all generations. A recent statistical study shows that 26 % of people aged 18-25 have at the very least one tribal design inked on their body and an astonishing 40% of those aged 26-40 have, at some point or another, succumbed to the delights of tribal tattoo designs. Here a basic question arises. Why are tribal tattoo designs so popular today when only a few years ago, they were something condemned by most people?dog tag tattoos

The history of tribal tattoos

dog tag tattoos Perhaps the art of tribal tattoos started with the dawn of humanity itself. Excavations of historic sites have revealed tribal designs crafted on people who lived as far back as 5000 years ago, a period of time commonly referred to as the Bronze Age. Researchers were quite surprised but truth remains, tribal tattoo designs have long been made on both sexes in an obvious attempt to modify the body gifted to us quite literally spotless. In ancient times, tribal tattoo designs had to do with traditional practices more than anything. The art of tribal tattoos was seen as something of a ritual to make someone feel belonged. These days, the reverse is true. Tribal tattoo designs are often the means adopted by people in an endeavour to express freedom and uniqueness. The need to stand out of the crowd these days can sometimes bring the best or in some cases, the worst out of us.

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More Information on tribal tattoos

dog tag tattoos A majority of the people living in the world understands and knows what a tattoo is. Today, tattoos are mostly used as a sex appeal or for beauty, but hundreds of years ago tattoos were more than just that. In the various Indian tribes, tribal tattoos were used for everything from signifying a big achievement to showing that someone fought in a war, usually the successful ones. History tells us these types of tattoos were used all over the world in hundreds of different tribes, on nearly every part of the body. Although these tattoos were mostly for men, women could be found sporting one occasionally. All in all, tribal tattoos were very important in showing the achievements of a person.
As mentioned above, tribal tattoos were used all over the world. Here are a couple of the most famous tribes who employed this technique: Mayan, Aztec, Native American, Samos, Maori, and many, many more.
Tribal tattoos consisted of many different things. The most common tribal tattoos consisted of religious symbols. The purpose of the tattoos were to identify significant achievements, such as participating in a war in which the tribe defeated the enemy, or even going as using the tattoos to war off evil spirits. Lastly, many people simply used the tattoos for beauty, the reason for the huge popularity of tattoos today.

Considerations of tribal tattoo designs

dog tag tattoos Because tribal tattoo designs have a meaning attached to them, never attempt of ink anything on your body without knowing exactly what you are doing. Fact remains, not many of us can afford an elaborate tribal design only to have it removed a couple of days later. Getting a tattoo is not something you do on the spur of the moment. Take your time, read around. It's something that will stay with you forever.

Why tribal tattoo designs over normal tattoos?

Tribal tattoos come with a meaning attached to them. Rarely would you come across a tribal design with no meaning whatsoever. When looking for perfect tattoo, the symbolism often comes into play and tribal tattoo designs come with the most complex theories and origins. Tribal tattoos are often mystical, something understood by a few select people which makes the person bearing a tribal design feel somewhat elusive, a feeling we all like. A tribal design at core, basically expresses freedom of expression and indifference to the world. The bolder the tribal tattoo designs, the more the person bearing them comes across as someone who speaks his own mind and nothing will be allowed to come in his way. A tribal design emanates power and an aura of tag tattoos

dog tag tattoos, in today's world, have been known to be placed just about anywhere on the human body, much like the tribal tattoos. The most popular places today for the tribal tattoos are the calf, the shoulder blades, pecks, forearm, and upper arm. The most obvious reason for the selection of these places is that all of them are easy to cover up for a more professional appearance, but are also easily unveiled to show off the beauty of the tattoo.

To sum things up, dog tag tattoos signified great importance in the history of various tribes. They signified everything from religious symbols to significant achievements. In addition, tribal tattoos are growing in popularity today. Men all over the world are getting tribal tattoos, largely for the sex appeal. Lastly, tribal tattoos are known to be found in places all over the body, with the most popular being the upper arm and back.

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