Danger of Tribal Tattoos


Danger of Tribal Tattoos

Danger of tribal tattoos As we all know, tribal tattoos are done when the ink is injected into the dermis with the use of a machine with a sharpened bamboo or needle. What we most probably don’t comprehend, is that a tattoo machine can prick the skin in about 2,000 to 3,000 times per minute. These wounds will eventually scab over; however you can never be too sure. They can still be harmful and may subject you to health problems and can even cause death. Prior to submitting yourself with this kind of fashion, there is a need for you to have a grasp on the dangers of body tattooing first.

As far as modern tattoo studios are involved, the operator has the responsibility to make certain that his/her shop and equipment are clean and hygienic. They should also be responsible for the hygienic procedures that they use. Tattoo shops/studios are under the government of the state laws. But, sadly these laws aren’t strictly followed always. So, even if your neighbor who volunteers to give you a tattoo, or you visit a tattoo studio, your new body mark can still pose an amount of danger.

Whilst other tattoo parlors are strict and pay attention to proper sanitation, they’re number is in minority. Allergic reactions is one of the most common health problems with body tattoos. These tattoos can also bring forward infections to the skin and skin ailments that are chronic. Examples skin ailments that are recurring include inflammation of the skin and psoriasis. These body decals can also precipitate tumors which can be benign, but it could also be malignant.

Danger of tribal tattoos If the deadly dangers mentioned above did not cause you to have doubts in having a tattoo, then you might want to take into consideration the truth that having body tattoo could give you the possibility of acquiring tetanus, AIDS, Hepatitis particularly B and C, and other sexually transmitted diseases. In reality, Hepatitis C claims over 10,000 lives each year!
Researches performed by some experts illustrate that having body tattoos in tattoo studios is most probably the main distributor of Hepatitis C to be exact. These experts also figured out that having a tattoo at a business establishment have caused for more or less twice as Hepatitis C infections cases as injection-drug use. The study also shows that those people who have their tattoo in a parlor are have nine times higher risk to getting Hepatitis C due to contaminated needles and an unsanitary situations.

This is why the people who have tattoos cannot donate blood to blood banks for a whole year since they are not allowed to do so. Medical experts also had a recommendation that those who had a tattoo should be screened for Hepatitis infection shortly afterwards.

Finally, if you are still not convinced with the dangers that body tattoos bring, try to consider this: the metal filaments compose the ink that is introduced in your skin. If you have to have an MRI, the metal bits may cause you a burning sensation during the testing procedure. Some testing location like hospitals would refuse to perform an MRI on tattooed people. Which means, if you’ve got tattoos, and you are recommended by you doctor to have an MRI, this test may not be performed on you.

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