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Due to octane having only being available to play in apex legends for the past day the community has not yet been able to specifically determine the hitbox size of the adrenaline ****** in the same manner it has for the hitbox size of the rest of the games roster. I dont see why you cant have a mirage sized hitbox underneath gib or caustics clothingarmor.

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The size of hitbox varies for all the legends.

Apex legends octane hitbox size reddit. People say that they cantshouldnt reduce the hitbox size on gibcaustic to be smaller than the model but clearly that kind of thinking is already at play with some of the other legends. Apex legends has literally become an overnight success but like every game it has its share of issues. Question octane hitbox selfapexlegends submitted 1 month ago by external1234 so i might be wrong but does anyone else think octanes hitbox is a bit broken at the moment when i play him currently it feels like everyone i fight is a ***.

Since octane is brand new and respawn hasnt given any official numbers on. Rumors about octane began earlier this month when twitter account real apex leaks showed us details of what appeared to be new legends and abilities including octane. We also have a leak regarding the new legend octane apex legends hitbox issues and new legend leak.

Apex legends octane hitbox size. Hitbox in apex legends is basically the area around your legend and within the model of your legend that can be hit by an enemys bullet or ability. Apex legends has certainly been keeping us on our toes lately with regards to possible future contentthis latest leak appears to show more details of an upcoming legend octane including his kit.

Apex legends hitbox sizes and changes. What is an apex legends hitbox. The apex legends hitboxes are truer to the real size.

The apex legends hitboxes arent the same for each character so weve got everything you need to know. Apex legends octane is the newest character to join the roster and the first one to be added since launch. Hes arrived with the start of the apex legends battle pass and he brings with him a need.

Apex legends season 1 patch notes. The community hasnt yet worked out the exact size of their new hitboxes. Hitbox adjustments and octane rides in all the patch notes for the apex legends season 1 update including changes to character hitboxes and the arrival of octane.

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