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Apex legends has only one map available for players to play for now. The apex legends map is known as kings canyon and it contains a variety of terrains buildings for cover and loot to collect during the game.

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The apex legends map known as kings canyon is a varied beast.

Apex legends map. Its called kings canyon it features an abundance of areas varying from military bases to slums. Apex legends kings canyon map. Apex legends interactive map this interactive map for apex legends will show you the locations of all loot bins floor weapon pickups loot ticks and more.

Most of the higher tier loot can be found in areas that are close to the coast. Apex legends is available for free via the ps4 xbox one and pcfor more news media and information on the popular battle royale game be sure to peep all of our previous coverage of the. You can use the controls on the right side of the screen to choose which information you would like to see.

Currently apex legends has only one map that is available to playkings canyon the only map that is playable has abandoned areas varying from airbases to slums with a river dividing most of the map in the middleit is an island just like the many other battle royale maps. Each location has a set loot tier meaning it is more likely to produce high tier mid tier or low tier loot in floor drops and in. Apex legends map doesnt work like other battle royale games.

Its an island just like the most other battle royales with a river dividing it down in the middle. Map features two major unfamiliar things to traditional battle royale maps such as respawn beacon and hot zone. Apex legends interactive map including loot locations high tier loot locations respawn beacons pathfinder radars mid tier loot locations and other points of interest.

The apex legends map kings canyon can take a little getting used to so here are some of the best landing spots weve found so far. The map is a work in progress. It looks like respawn entertainment is planning to send apex legends to the pubg school of map updates opting to release new maps down the road rather than issue major updates for the games.

Weve been exploring the first apex legends map kings canyon for about a week now and after becoming the champions multiple times weve worked out the absolute best places to land in apex.

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